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February 7th, 2006…

And you can quote us

You can post a comment or trackback from your own site.

Welcome to the Alticor media blog.

We’re here to provide useful, quotable information to reporters and editors as quickly as we can, but no more often than we should.

Most posts to this site will be written by a rotating cast of Alticor corporate communications and government affairs staffers. When it makes sense, we may bring in experts from around the company to post as well. No matter who is doing the writing, it’s (obviously) on the record.

We will try to sound like people, and not like press releases.

But not chatty people. We appreciate that more and more reporters prefer to get their updates from companies via RSS and other feeds, and we will try to avoid clogging your desktops with drivel.

We will respond to media inquiries by using our best judgment – either by posting responses here, or e-mailing or phoning you directly. Please include contact info so we can do that.

We intend to treat non-media comments to the site like letters to the editor: We reserve the right to run them (with or without comments), or edit them, or not run them at all.

And we’re off.

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2 Responses to “And you can quote us”

  1. Jim Erdman Says:

    Is it true that Rich DeVos is going to run for public office in Michigan?
    Thank you,
    Jim Erdman, Network 21, IBO 1697557

  2. Corporate Communications Says:

    Well, it’s not Rich, but his eldest son and the company’s former president…Dick DeVos. He’s running for Governor in Michigan.

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