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September 5th, 2006…

Back on the block

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Finally, a chance to return to talking about business. Crain’s Detroit Business recently published a special fall supplement, “Living and Investing in the D,” about, well, living and investing in Detroit. And there, on the inside back cover, was a nice compliment: a full-page ad from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, headlined, “Start-ups have always done well in Michigan. Yours could be next.” Behind MEDC CEO Jim Epolito was a long list of successful Michigan companies, including ours.

Check the link* here — but be warned, the type in the online version is very faint; you’ll have to squint to see us in the top line, there. (In real life, the type is more, um, khaki-colored.)

Proud to see our name next to other terrific Michigan employers like Kellogg, Dow, Ford and Gentex — feels a lot more like home to us than the political world.

* It’s the second to last page of a PDF file. Or, if you’re a print subscriber, just flip to the back.

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