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October 6th, 2006…

Reasons to be cheerful

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On the air in Michigan with our two latest “I am Amway” spots (see below). And it feels good.

A couple months ago, a little stunned at being attacked by name in the Michigan governor’s race (sounds naïve now, we know, but it’s true) we made the decision to take to the air, defending our employees and our good name.

And the first two spots did the job. When a star of our first spot—Mr. “You Got A Problem With That”—is stopped in grocery stores and church parking lots and asked for autographs, you know we are beginning to reclaim our name.

But even so, it felt a little defensive, a little reactive. But now, with the two new spots – and they won’t be our last – it feels like we are back on the offensive. Louder and prouder. And dang, you should have been there when we filmed the semis!

And sure, there are still some blockheads out there who may think it’s all about that campaign. Nuh-uh. We’re up, we’re moving, and, as always — we’re speaking for ourselves.


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  1. The Truth About Amway, Quixtar, and Network Marketing Says:

    Amway Today - \”I am Amway\”

    From the history of Amway through to Amway in the 21st Century. Alticor is continuing with some promotional advertisements in Michigan, along the theme \”I am Amway\”. Here\’s the two latest.

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