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November 2nd, 2006…

Coming soon!

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Took a call today from a reporter who wants to talk to us for a story about our China business…that will run after Election Day in Michigan.

Sunbeams and roses! A real story! About our real business!

Honest to Pete, there have been days this year where we’ve forgotten that reality exists.

But today’s call was a reminder: We’re a successful, global company. We thrive inside the United States and outside its borders. We make great products, we launch small businesses, we change people’s lives every day. In Michigan, Munich, Moscow, Mexico and Macau.

A week from today, we’ll be able to take the last six months’ worth of bunkum, folderol, claptrap, hogwash and hoo-ha…run it through the shredder…and throw it in the trash.

A week from today, it’s our story again. And we cannot wait to tell it.

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