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Armstrong Faces Another Doping Claim

With speculation building that Lance Armstrong will retire, the six-time Tour de France champion finds himself facing yet another doping allegation. On Thursday, attorneys for Armstrong denied allegations made by a former personal assistant that he found a steroid in Armstrong's Spanish apartment early last year. "It's a shakedown and it has been from the very beginning," Armstrong's attorney Timothy Herman said. have 1 question to ask.
I do not know if Lance does performance enhancement drugs, and I do not know the relationship with his ex employee, but my question is this..... Aren't we as the general public going to believe the athlete? The 6 time TDF winner? Why would we believe an alleged money launderer? Someone we've never heard of. He's the little man in this situation. Armstrong
We probably won't get this answer will we?

Posted by Q Friday at 11:50am

Hottie Of The Day Contest

HOTTIES We're searching for the world's most beautiful woman. Will she show up here? Send us your photos maybe she'll show up here. Bikini shots only please no PORN. Thanks.

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Posted by Jim Friday at 9:30am--- Email Your Pics

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NL East Preview

Braves - Outlook for 2005: It seems that winning division titles never gets tired for the Braves organization. It's been 13 years and counting, and just like last season, the Braves made a great deal of changes this year. They added Tim Hudson and returned John Smoltz to the starting rotation. Danny Kolb was brought in to close out games. Can the Braves repeat? It's hard to say. Even if Smoltz falters, there is still enough starting pitching to get the job done. It seems like every year the Braves look vulnerable, but every year they pull out the division. The streak could very well end in 2005.

Marlins - Outlook for 2005: All things considered the 2004-05 off-season has to be viewed as a good one for the Fish. While they lost Carl Pavano and Armando Benitez, the club added some veteran leadership in Al Leiter, one of the premiere first basemen in the game in Carlos Delgado, and turned the closers job over to the hard throwing Guillermo Mota. Offence shouldn't be a problem as Pierre and Castillo could be the best one-two punch in baseball. Delgado, Lowell and the immerging Miguel Cabrera should provide a bunch of home runs. Can Josh Beckett avoid the blister problems that have thus far plagued his career? If the pitching staff holds up, the Marlins should push for the division title.

Tigers - Outlook for 2005: It's hard to call a 90-loss season a success but after a horrible 2003, the Tigers quest for respectability will continue in 2005. The Tigers landed the last big free agent on the market in Magglio Ordonez and are hoping that he can stay healthy like Pudge Rodriguez did last season. The Tigers feature a pitching staff short on name recognition, but long on potential. Mike Maroth emerged as a mentally tough competitor and Jeremy Bonderman should continue to develop. The Tigers are a few impact players away from contending but are moving in the right direction.

Mets - Outlook for 2005: No team in baseball made the impact signings that the Mets did. Did the Mets over pay for both Carlos Beltran and Pedro Martinez? GM Omar Minaya wanted to make a splash and steal some of the limelight from the Yankees, and it worked. Dave Wright looks legit, but he could have the sophomore slump. Cliff Floyd, Jose Reyes and Mike Piazza need to stay healthy, which all three have shown trouble doing in the past. The strength of the Mets is their starting rotation anchored by Martinez and Tom Glavine. Benson, Trachsel and Zambrano are all good back of the rotation pitchers.

Phillies - Outlook for 2005: It's hard to classify an 86-win season as a disappointment, but that's what it was in Philadelphia where expectations were that the club would make the post season. Kenny Lofton was brought in to replace Marlon Byrd and ground ball pitcher Jon Lieber will replace Eric Milton and the 45 homeruns that he gave up. At second base Chase Utley will push Placido Polanco to the bench. Will another year together push the Phillies to the top of the division?

Nationals - Outlook for 2005: To say it was an off-season of change could be an understatement. The team moved from Montreal and got a new GM. To his credit, new GM Jim Bowden wasted little time trying to improve his team. He brought in Cristian Guzman, and Vinny Castilla to be the new left side of the infield. Jose Guillen was added to the outfield, and if Jose Vidro and Nick Johnson are fully back from injury, the Nationals offence could be decent. Esteban Loaiza needs to show that his 2003 season wasn't a fluke, and Tony Armas needs to stay healthy. The Nationals will finally have a chance to be a 'normal' MLB team, and we'll finally get to see what they have to offer.

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Posted by Ciaran Friday at 9:18am

Losers Of The Week Award
I know that there are people that take video games seriously and I don’t know why exactly, but some do. I've heard of fights, I've heard of friends falling out, but I have never heard of murder. At least not until now. A Chinese man, Qiu Changwei stabbed Zhu Caoyuan to death after he sold the guys cyber-sword. Yes, you heard that right. Geek # 1 murdered geek #2 for selling a cyber-sword. Qui was apparently very pissed off that Zhu sold his ‘dragon saber’ in the game ‘Legend of Mir 3’. The game involves winning weapons to be used in on-line battles. Well, Qui got pissed when Zhu sold the saber. He even went as far to go to the cops and report the sword stolen. Stolen? The thing doesn’t freaking exist. It’s an on-line sword. It’s fictional. There is no sword. At least that was the cops feeling. The Cops told the tool-box to get lost since nothing was actually stolen. That’s when geek #1 took matters into his own hands and whacked geek #2. As always in these situations, at least he had a good reason. At least there was an on-line gaming dispute. And I'm sure the courts will take that into consideration when they sentence this guy for his crimes.

I can hear the judge now, ‘You're free to go geek. Who among us wouldn’t have committed a homicide over a video game?” Couldn’t this guy just have made up another fake sword? Couldn’t he have just pretended he still had it? Granted, I am not all that versed on my video game etiquette, but this seems extreme. Couldn’t they have settled this in a less violent way? Maybe the offending geek could have volunteered to shave off his pube-stache. I am sure that is a fate worse than death in the virtual sword fighting world. Rant courtesy of Jim Rome -

Posted by Ciaran Friday at 9:07am

South Carolina wins NIT championship

So? Who Cares! Now I'm glad that's over, did anyone watch it? Did anyone care? Nope, didn't think so. Its almost as big of a hyped game as Mr. Irrelevant is being the last player taken in the NFL draft. Its almost as fun as watching paint dry. Its compareable to watching women's soccer. B-O-R-I-N-G. Ok now that I got that off my chest here's the post game for you gamblers who are crying in your corn flakes this AM, because you took St. Jo's.

Tarence Kinsey made the tournament-winning shot and fulfilled the ultimate basketball dream. Kinsey buried a 3-pointer with nine-tenths of a second remaining as South Carolina won its first NIT championship with a 60-57 victory over Saint Joseph's at Madison Square Garden. The Gamecocks (20-13), who lost the 2002 final to Memphis, have won nine of their last 10 tournament games and gave coach Dave Odom his second NIT crown. His first came with Wake Forest in 2000. "This was truly a championship game," Odom said. "A championship team won and I don't think a runner-up lost it. They are a championship team, too. I thought if we could get to 60 points, we would win because I thought our defense could contain them."

Well that's great. Thanks for coming out fellas, and better luck next year.

March Madness Lines Are Up for the final 4. Gettem Here. Or Just place a bet with TODAY.

Posted by Jim Friday at 8:47am

From The Bizarre World Of Online Casinos Founder and CEO
Calvin Ayre Resigns after he lost to Virgin’s Richard Branson in Single Poker Game

Calvin Ayre, Founder and CEO of Bodog Sports Casino Poker™, is stepping down after revealing today that he lost the company he started from the ground up 12 years ago, to Branson in a single poker game.Earlier this month, the two met for dinner in Vancouver. As the night progressed, they challenged each other to a No Limit Texas Hold'Em Poker game. The stakes escalated to the fateful final hand, where each player raised and re-raised until their companies were on the line. Ayre thought pocket Queens on the pre-flop was enough to win, went all in and lost to Branson’s pocket Kings. “To all of my employees and colleagues, I am deeply sorry and extremely embarrassed,” Ayre says. He added, “To Bodog's most loyal customers, I feel I've let you down but I have every reason to believe that under Richard Branson's direction, Bodog will continue to thrive and flourish.” Sports Casino Poker located in San Jose, Costa Rica, is federally licensed by the Costa Rican and UK government. One of the pioneers of online gambling, is the top ranked US facing online gambling brand, recently valued at over US $1 billion and ranked in the Power 25 online companies. For more information, email [email protected] I think is finally starting with the publicity stunts now too eh? ala Or are they? APRIL FOOLS SUCKERS!!!! Check out for yourself.

Posted by Q Friday at 8:25am

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