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February 2005


Today's Thoughts
Welcome To This site which debuted February 1st - 2005 is hopefully going to turn into your one stop source for hot women, great gambling tips, gossip, sports, poker, football and anything else we can think of drummming up here. Please bookmark the site and check back often.

Well lets get to it shall we? - Our First Blog
The IOC and hockey's ruling body are leaving the door open for NHL players at the 2006 Turin Olympics.
International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said Monday the decision is up to the president of the International Ice Hockey Federation. If you're a hockey fan like we are than during the NHL lockout any hockey news like this is good news. Its almost all we have left to live for.
One of the 12 NFL playoff teams picking up steam in search for President
The Seattle Seahawks have received permission from Denver to interview Broncos general manager Ted Sundquist, NFL sources confirmed Monday. Sundquist is among four known candidates for the Seahawks’ vacancy as team president.
Detroit’s Tom Lewand and Minnesota’s Rob Brzezinski are part of a list that also includes Sundquist and Miami’s Bryan Wiedmeier. News Tribune - Tacoma Wa.
Are you what we like to call a SlotSlut? Well then you might like this!
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5 Of the worlds hottest surfers met in Hawaii for a photoshoot. Trust me we're not talking about guys here.

We wouldn't think of keeping this link to ourselves even though we did the hard work to find it and bring it to you, well anyways here is the link. Maxim is always going to be a very very big part of this website. We'd pretty much spend more time on Maxim then working. Capiche?

While we're at it go check out the hottest cheerleaders on the planet here with Dallas Cowboys, or if you just want to look at the Cheerleader of the day I'd suggest you bookmark this page. Cheerleader of the Day.

Hot Cheerleaders
  To quote Garth - "SWHING"
High School Basketball Coach arrested for DUI

What a moron!!!! Peetz High School in Colorado, the district requires student athletes to avoid alcohol in order to play school sports. Unfortunately, it's not the girls on the basketball team they have to worry about, but the 24-year-old coach Kristen N. Hamil. Hamil was arrested for drunk driving and blew an impressive .146% BAC (almost twice the legal limit). That's some pretty good drinking
Beer is good mmmkay? Although this isn't something we at Cybersportsblog condone.

Celebrity Poker - The Bravo Network's Celebrity Poker Showdown has kicked off its season. Catherine O'Hara, Ray Romano, Brad Garett, Sara Rue, and Curt Schilling all competed against each other to try to win a seat at the final table of Bravo's fifth season of CPS. Next up George Alexander, Chris Kataan, Allison Janney and others on Bravo. Or You can try out Poker here at

Email us some ideas for this page. We're always looking for more articles. [email protected]
Terrell Owens - Will he play?

Well I don't know about you but I'm pretty much sick and tired of hearing about this arent' you? The pats are favored to win by 7, so wouldn't you think with 2 weeks to plan that mastermind Bellysheck? might come up with a pretty good plan to stop McNabb and Owens. Ya I figured you'd agree. Check out the over 200 props on this game here. Come to think of it. if he doesn't play does it matter? Joe Montano Jr. is on the field in this game as well and you better believe he's looking for MVP #3. Wait a sec. Are you asking why I think he is Joe Jr. or not? Brady's accuracy has improved to the point he can throw a little harder than Montana did. Brady's accuracy and catchability equal Montana's, as does his soft-shoe movement in the pocket. Yet Brady can't take off and hurt a defense with his downfield speed as Montana did with his 4.5 40 capability. And Brady isn't yet in the same stratosphere with Montana for late-game magic.
Yes, Brady has led to Super Bowl-winning drives, yet they were fairly short and set up 48- and 41-yard field goals. Montana won a Super Bowl and an NFC championship game with late touchdown passes. And as amazing as Brady has been, it shouldn't be forgotten that his "tuck rule" fumble should have cost the Patriots that playoff game and that his interception against Carolina last year allowed the Panthers back into a Super Bowl they tied 29-29 before losing 32-29. So I'm not quite ready to annoint him Joe Freaking Jr. quite yet.


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