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February 2005


Today's Thoughts

Welcome To This sports blog site which debuted February 1st - 2005 is hopefully going to turn into your one stop source for hot women, great gambling tips, gossip, sports, poker, football and anything else we can think of drumming up here with a unique gambling blog. Please bookmark the site, check back often, and enjoy your stay..


Iowa Basketball Star Arrested, Again

Pierre Pierce, a star player on the Iowa Hawkeye's basketball team could face a slew of charges as early as today after allegedly burglarizing a Des Moines woman's home and stealing more than $1,000 in property. It's not Pierce's first run in with the law, as sexual-assault charges against him in 2002 dominated headlines for months.

Iowa Hawkeyes Football
Pierce was at practice on Monday, and he is expected to train with the team the rest of the week, said UI Sports Information Director Phil Haddy. Iowa will play Michigan State on Saturday at Carver-Hawkeye Arena; Pierce's game status is unknown. You see this is just wrong, throw the kid in prison and let him stew about it for a while. Iowa - The Backwards state.

Posted by James - 6:45 Thursday
Super Bowl XXXIX - Sun., Feb. 6 at 6:30 p.m. ET on FOX

Superbowl XXXIX Wagering
The Eagles have been one of the most dominant teams all season and now they are a win away from lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy. One big reason for the team's success is due to the play of DE Jevon 'The Freak' Kearse, who has been the key ingredient on Philadelphia's ferocious defense.

AFC vs. NFC, in 2004: The AFC dominated the NFC in interconference play this season, winning 44 of 64 games (68.8 percent). Playoff teams were especially dominant in these games; the AFC's six playoff representatives won 21 of 24 games against NFC foes (87.5), while the NFC's six entrants won 11 of 24 games against AFC teams (45.8 percent). New England won all four of its interconference games, while Philadelphia went 2-2.

Posted by Q - 6:56 Thursday

If Tom Brady guides the Patriots to a third Super Bowl victory Sunday, where does he rank among the game's great quarterbacks? Sporting News' Dave Kindred says it puts him right up there with Joe Montana, one of the coolest customers ever to throw an NFL pass. -

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Wie I'm Having Fun on The Womens Tour

Michelle Wie has accepted an invitation to play in the Evian Masters in France, and a new policy adopted late last year by the LPGA Tour makes it possible for the 15-year-old to play in the Women's British Open.

That would give Wie eight starts on the LPGA Tour, including all four majors.

B.J. Wie said Tuesday that his daughter, a sophomore at Punahou School in Honolulu, has been offered a sponsor's exemption to play the Evian Masters for the second straight year. --- Posted by Q - 7am Thursday

NCAA Signing Day  

Pete Carroll recently asked Jim Rome on his show "Why would I want to go to the pro's when I get a #1 draft pick every year here at USC?" Well signing day arrived and At 3 a.m. Wednesday, the trill of the cell phone awoke Ole Miss football coach Ed Orgeron in Oxford. "What the heck are you doing sleeping?" USC coach Pete Carroll asked, delighted that he had one-upped his former top assistant.

"It's signing day!" Granted, it was merely 1 a.m. in Heritage Hall. But it's safe to assume that, four hours before national letters of intent could be accepted from recruits, most coaches would have been asleep. While it may be a stretch to draw a connection between Carroll's phone call and the Trojans' 33 victories in their last 34 games, it's not much of one.


Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll and USC not only get the best California has to offers, but cherry-picks the best the rest of the nation has as well.

His latest crop of college recruits is talented enough to keep the trojans marching on for years to come. What a powerhouse he's assembling in SoCal.

Posted by Ray at 7:10 Thursday


Sleazy TV - MTV

Approaching the first anniversary of Janet Jackson's famed wardrobe malfunction, a study released Tuesday criticized MTV for the "incessant sleaze" of steamy programming aimed at young people.

During one week last March, the watchdog Parents Television Council said it counted 3,056 flashes of nudity or sexual situations and 2,881 verbal references to sex.

"MTV has clearly chosen to cater to the lowest common denominator, to offer the cheapest form of programming to entice young boys ... dangling forbidden fruit before their eyes," said Brent Bozell, PTC president and conservative activist.


Posted by Dave at 7:15 Thursday
Madonna and Britney
MTV got a lot of headlines for the Madonna-Britney kiss during the 2003 MTV video music awards show. (Photo: MTV)

DUI OF THE DAY - Ohio Supreme Court Justice - Alice Robie Resnick yesterday broke her silence on her very public drunken-driving arrest Monday and said she accepts "full responsibility for my actions."
"It is unfortunate that this situation has arisen after 22 years of sobriety," she said in a written statement. "For that, I extend my regrets to the citizens of Ohio. 22 Years??? Ya right. Way to Go OHIO. You got yourselves on the internets most laughed at again. Are you trying to outdo what you did in November? What a bunch of freaks. More Here
Posted by Gregg at 7:30 Thursday

Email us some ideas for this page. We're always looking for more articles. [email protected]
Beijing police break Internet gambling case

Chinese Cops 
Its just my opionion but what else do they have to do over in China? Maybe these people were just trying to make enough money to get on that boat that brings slaves over to Canada and dumps in the ocean about 10 miles from shore for the Coast Guard to pick up. More on this gambling crackdown - Click Here

Amid a nationwide crackdown on illegal gambling, Beijing police have recently broken an Internet gambling case, seizing more than 235 million yuan (28.4 million US dollars) and three suspects, Wednesday's Beijing News reported. Another suspect, surnamed Huang, believed to be a leader of the gambling ring, remains at large. The police said they received a report on Dec. 23, 2004 that an IP address from a complex in Chaoyang District, Beijing, had been frequently logging onto an overseas gambling website. Posted by Ciaran at 7:45 Thursday

Sportsbook of the Day
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NHLPA rejects latest offer

Another offer rejected, one more meeting and little hope of a settlement.A formal death notice of the 2004-2005 NHL season appears around the corner -- with the salary cap the deal-killer."We're at the end time-wise in terms of being able to continue this process and still play games this season, so there's not a lot of room flexibility-wise," Bill Daly, the NHL's executive vice-president and chief legal officer, said Wednesday.The lockout reached its 140th day Wednesday, and has forced the cancellation of 762 of the 1,230 regular-season games.

NHL Read more on the NHL labor dispute at Or You won't need the exact link. Trust me this is front page news in Canada. Posted by Q at 8:10 Thursday
State Of The Union Address - GW Don't Go Away Mad - Just Go


We Don't Get political to often around here, ok we do. Here is our scorecard on the State of the Union Address last night. By The way only 1 person on our staff watched it, and its because his wife made him.


It is a telling sign that the most memorable moment of the president's speech was when the president said nothing and the woman who lost her son hugged the woman from Iraq. He named a bunch of unpalatable options for Social Security and told Congress: You handle it. Then he extolled private accounts but wouldn't say how he's going to pay the $2 trillion they cost. M-E-A-T-H-E-A-D

Posted by Jim at 9:10 Thursday


Social Issues - He demagogued gay marriage, then kissed Joe Lieberman! Economy - Bush's Social Security plan is three words: His-To-Ry. It's dead, dead, dead.

National security - Iran had better start building bomb shelters. What is he going to do? Start attacking all the "I" countries? Italy, Ireland, Indonesia, Indiana?
Foreign affairs -
No amount of cheerleading can distract from the debacle of Iraq.

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Jim Rome


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