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March 2005 - Archives


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Today's Thoughts
.:::Welcome To Our sports blog debuted February 1st, 2005. Hopefully with your help we can turn this sports blog & gambling blog into your one stop source for hot women, great gambling tips, gossip, sports news, poker, football, more sports and anything else we can think of drumming up here with our unique industry leading perspectives. Please bookmark the site, check back often, and enjoy your stay!!! If you've come looking for a sportsbook review the channels on the left should be all your looking for in a sportsbook. Or Check The Sportsbook Ratings Guide for more answers. Remember Nothing Wagered Is Nothing Gained:::.

Tiger Steps Up Regains World #1
Tiger Wins
Tiger Woods returned to No. 1 in the world yesterday. Phil Mickelson made him earn it. In a titanic battle on the Blue Monster

Tiger Woods turned in a performance worthy of his return to No. 1. In a dramatic duel with Phil Mickelson that came down to the last shot, Woods made a 30-foot birdie putt on the 17th hole to take the lead, then a six-foot par putt to close with a 6-under 66 and win the Ford Championship, giving him the No. 1 ranking for the first time since September. "If you're not nervous on a day like this, you're not alive," Woods said in relief. Coverage

Posted by Dave - 9:30am Monday

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Its March Madness Time

NCAA Hoops

Best Sunday Game

Dynamic freshman Marvin Williams converted a three-point play with 17 seconds left to cap an 11-0 game-closing run and give the second-ranked Tar Heels a 75-73 victory over No. 6 Duke on Sunday.

Automatic Tournament Bids

Central Florida 24-8 Won Atlantic Sun
Eastern Kentucky 22-8 Won Ohio Valley
Pennsylvania 18-8 Won Ivy League
UT-Chattanooga 20-10 Won Southern
Winthrop 27-5 Won Big South

How do I explain Bracketology? Three factors rise above all others. Who did you beat? When did you beat 'em? And where? Ultimately, those questions provide the final answers to all that is bracketology. Check back here all week for my thoughts on this years March Madness Tournament. Hoops Coverage - CBS Sportsline Coverage

Updated by Q - 9:15am Monday

2005 NFL free-agency period; 483 free agents

The signing period for unrestricted free agents began March 2 and concludes on July 22 (or the first scheduled day of the first NFL training camp, whichever is later). The signing period for restricted free agents also concludes on April 15.
NFL Free Agency
NFL Free Agency Is Heating Up

Our top guys still remaining......

1. Plaxico Burress, WR, Steelers
Plaxico has the size and skills to be a homerun threat for a team that likes to throw deep a lot, unlike the Steelers' "run on first, run on second, run on third offense."

2. Kendrell Bell, ILB, Steelers
To keep him healthy this season, whichever team signs this guy should stick him in a protective bubble for six days of the week, then unleash him on Sundays.

3. Fred Smoot, CB, Redskins
Despite the Redskins' lack of recent success, Smoot continues to build his street cred as one of the league's most dependable cover men.

4. Ed Hartwell, ILB, Ravens
Another quality player lost in the shadows of a great teammate (in this case, LB Ray Lewis), Hartwell will not go unnoticed by teams hurting in the front seven.

9. Jermane Mayberry, G, Eagles
Depending on the length of the contract, one lucky team should get a nice find in Philly's veteran starting guard Mayberry. Coverage

Updated by Q - 8:55am Friday

The 2005 NFL Draft - Consensus First Round Picks

Erasmus James

Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin

Everyday right here you can preview the top picks for this years big college football entry draft into the the big boys league........the NFL of course. Lets get at it. Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin.....Could we see him go #9 to the Washington Redskins?

A breakthrough senior season for the oft-injured James, including eight sacks, makes him a top prospect and good fit for any team needing an improved pass rush. At 6'4", 263 pounds, he projects to play right end, and the Redskins should be eager to add him to their defensive unit.

Top Links

Online Sportsbook Reviews
Authority on Sportsbook Ratings Guides and Scam Sportsbooks alerts.

--- Posted by Q at 7:50am Monday

NBA Monday Matchup
NBA LinesClick Here


Monday, March 07, 2005 7:30:00 PM EDT
at American Airlines Arena

Miami are 6.5 point favorites. The total for this game has been set at 203.

The 76ers hope they get more respect from the Heat Monday than they do from Vegas oddsmakers, who peg them as 7.5-point underdogs. Sporting a 29-30 overall record and a 6-5 mark within the division, the 76ers aim to knock the Heat (13-0 In the division) for a loss.

The scorekeepers judges could be busy in this one, as oddsmakers opened OVER/UNDER betting at 203. On the side, the line opened at 7.5 for the Heat. Miami is 45-16, while the 76ers are 29-30. The 76ers come off a 98-97 win against the Hawks, a game where they were a 6.5 point pick. The game went under the closing total of 197. Stan Van Gundy's team was busy last game winning against Cleveland 102-82 as 3 point pick. The 184 points sent that game under the total of 197.

Some trends to consider:
76ers are 1-4-0 OU in their last 5 games
76ers are 5-16-0 OU in their last 21 games against the Heat
76ers are 2-6-0 ATS in their last 8 games
76ers are 3-9-0 OU in their last 12 games away against Heat
Heat are 6-1-0 SU in their last 7 games after scoring 101 to 110 points
Heat are 5-1-0 ATS in their last 6 games
Heat are 4-1-0 ATS in their last 5 games after scoring 101 to 110 points
Heat are 7-2-0 ATS in their last 9 home games

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Posted by James - 7:20am Monday


ESPN Launches Online Poker Club

ESPN Poker

ESPN Poker Club’s online poker is free to play, intended for adults and not based in any way on the use of any real money. It is purely for entertainment and is not a gambling contest of any sort. Must be 21 or older to play the Degree All-In Poker Challenge

Poker is the #2 watched sport on Espn now.

ESPN announced on March 3rd the ESPN Poker Club, a multi-faceted poker initiative that will reach across many divisions of the Worldwide Leader In Sports, including, ESPN Wireless, ESPN Books and ESPN Enterprises, the company's brand extension and new business development arm.

The initiative kicked off with the new ESPN Poker Club on, which includes the site's new free online poker game. The first 11 weeks of play on will be exclusively devoted to the Degree® All-In Poker Challenge, with the tournament winner earning a seat in the Harrah's 2005 World Series of Poker courtesy of Degree®. In coming months the initiative will also launch a wireless poker game; a poker-related book from ESPN Books by syndicated poker columnist Steve Rosenbloom; DVD's of the 2004 World Series of Poker and the ESPN Original Entertainment series TILT; and a line of high-end poker-related consumer products.

ESPN Poker Club On

Updated by Dave at 6:55am Monday

DUI OF THE DAY - State trooper arrested for DUI

Doesn't it seem like every second day here in our Daily DUI spot that its a law enforcement officer that's making the news?? Here we go with another.

A state trooper is facing a series of charges after police in Cromwell say he was uncooperative and belligerent during a traffic stop. 37-year-old Victor Diaz was off duty when he was pulled over for reckless driving and making an illegal turn along Route 372 in a personal vehicle. Police tried to give him a breathalyzer test, but they say the off duty trooper became aggressive. He was subdued, handcuffed and taken into custody.

Article here

Posted by Gregg at 6:05am Monday

Email us some ideas for this page. We're always looking for more articles. [email protected]

Poker Tips

Paradise Poker is the undisputed and recognized leader in online poker. Their reputation for providing the best action, the best software, the highest levels of support and the safest site is second to none. The satellite tournaments are underway - click here for schedule and details. 


Paradise Masters poker tournament, final table played live in Paradise.

Win a seat worth $25,500 and $2000 cash! The winner of this tournament is on their way to the most prestigious event on the World Poker Tour. Set in the poker room of the luxurious Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, this event is quickly rising to the top of the list of the World's most elite Poker tournaments.

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*If you are a new player and have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed in this section please feel free to email us at [email protected] 

More Great Poker Tips For Newbie Poker Players

Texas Holdem has quickly become the most popular casino poker game. It is currently the game you will see televised in such events as the World Series of Poker and The World Poker Tour. Though Holdem looks and plays very simply, many experts agree that it is the most complex of poker games. Due to its complexity, the game can be kind or harsh to beginners and grizzled old warriors alike. The action is fast an furious, with more players, bets, raises and re-raises than many other typical poker games. Winners win big, losers lose big. These factors are the essence of what makes Texas Holdem so enjoyable, and therefore the King at the Casino.

Over the next few days the following is intended to be a basic introduction to and strategy for playing Texas Holdem online. For more in depth articles on this topic, check out our other articles in the Archives section, or visit our sister site,


Besides the dealing of the pocket cards, and your decision to fold or hold them, the Flop is probably the most important moment in Texas Holdem. Three cards hit the board, often making “nut” hands out of weak pocket cards, and at times, making strong pocket cards useless. Your ability to read the flop will be a huge factor in your success in Texas Holdem.

Flopping 3 of a Kind

At the suggestion of a recent visitor, I am going to make a difference between “flopping a set“ and “flopping trips.“ First, flopping a set would be a situation where you hold a strong pair, such as KK, and the river comes K-A-6. Your monster 3 Kings are hidden, and anyone with an Ace is probably going to be putting in a raise, seeing top pair on the flop. The potential for this hand is amazing, and slow play would be a good option.

A similar situation we will call flopping trips. This would be a situation where you hold only one of the 3 cards as your pocket card. Say you hold AK suited, and the flop comes K-K-Q. Here again, you have 3 of a kind, but even so, we have to understand that this is a bit of a weaker hand. Anytime a pair is showing on board, there is danger of a full house already formed. QQ would definitely be a hand that someone would hold onto, and if given this flop, your 3 Kings are losers. Its also harder to maximize a pot with the two Kings on the flop. Those are huge scare cards, and if you bet out right away, you may get nothing more than whats already in the pot. Again, slow play, and be especially careful of an already formed full house.

There are however certain times you want to jam the pot with 3 of a kind. If the flop gives chances for a straight draw, like K-K-10, where anyone holding Q-J has a good chance at a straight, or if 2 of the cards are the same suit, giving someone a chance at a flush.of they held onto a pair of same suited cards. In these instances, they are going to play to the river, so make them pay to see extra cards!

Another time you want to jam the pot is if you have flopped a small set. For example you checked with the big blind with a pair of 3's, and the flop comes out Q-8-3. You have your set, and will most likely win with it, but you don't want to risk someone holding a higher pair getting their set on the turn or river for free. Bet, raise, check raise if you know someone else will bet, whatever you have to do to narrow down your competition and hopefully force out the small and medium pairs. What you like to see is someone with AQ in this situation with top pair, top kicker who will give you action but has very little chance of winning it. Jam the pot with small sets.

Top Pair after the Flop

If you held a high pair before the flop and were jamming the pot, then you should continue to jam the pot if you still hold the top pair. If you held Q-Q, and the flop comes out 10-2-7, its obvious you're still the leader, unless someone was slow playing Aces or Kings before the flop, or someone with 10's just flopped a set. The fact is, if you play aggressively with a high pair before the flop, you will know whether or not you still have the lead.

If you held A-K, and the flop comes out 4-K-9, here again, you're jamming the pot. You hold top pair with the best kicker, and the last thing you want is for someone to draw out and complete a flush or straight to beat you.

Top pair is strong after the flop, but definitely not strong enough to sit on and slow play.

Flopping a small Pair

Suppose you were holding A-8 of clubs, and the flop comes out Q-8-3. You have missed your flush draw, because only the 3 is clubs, but you have flopped a pair of “babies.” You have to respect the fact that someone may have a queen, and have you beat. Even so, if the action is checked to you, I would seriously consider putting in a raise here. By putting in the raise, you accomplish the purpose of finding out the true strength of your pair. If anyone holds a queen, you can expect a raise. If you have high hand, expect calls. If you are raised, then you must consider the personality of who raised you. If a mouse or rock raises you (see “Poker Animals” under general strategy), then it might be time to call or fold. If its the jackal, then by all means stay in, and even re-raise.

This particular hand would be hard for me to fold, simply because you still have alot of outs. An ace would give you a huge hand, another 8 would be even better, and theres always the possibility of 2 more clubs hitting the board.

So, go ahead and bet with the small pairs, and then judge by your opponents personalities and actions as to where you stand.

Flopping a Monster Hand

By monster hand, I mean flopping a royal flush, 4 of a kind, full house, flush, straight, straight flush. Statistically the hand is yours or practically yours. I would slow play in most circumstances. You want the other players to stay in and build a decent hand that they will bet with or at least call to the river with.

A word of caution though. In the case of flushes and straights, make sure you don't get caught with the low end of a straight or a low card flush, where someone makes the same straight with a higher card, or someone makes the same flush with a higher card. If you are playing good quality pocket cards though, this should rarely happen. But if your flush is only a 10 high, bet aggressively and try to force out anyone holding a jack, queen, king or ace of your suit. Granted, most people won't fold with four to a flush, but at least you're making them pay for a chance to get their card.

As a general rule then, slow play the monsters and wait till the more expensive turn and river to begin extracting chips from your opponents.

Flopping a Flush or Straight Draw

You have to first of all understand that odds are still against you making your hand (2-1 with four to a flush or open ended straight). But the rule of thumb to follow here is that Texas Holdem rewards aggressive play. Bet this hand and hope for one of two results. Either everyone else folds and you pick up a small pot, or you end up making your flush or straight and winning a huge one.

Flopping 2 Pair

Say you hold J-10 suited, and the flop comes 10-4-J. You have managed to flop the top two pair here. I always jam the pot in this case. While two pair is strong, there are still alot of hands that can beat it. Jam the pot and elbow everyone else off the table if possible. If you end up making a full house on the later streets, you can adjust your strategy, but for moment, you want to bet and force the limpers out.

Ugly Flops

If you are holding onto a marginal type hand, and it is not helped at all by the flop, then toss these cards immediately. Taking bad hands to the river will cost you money in the long run. - Online Poker Room Reviews - Rankings and Ratings on over 50 online poker rooms.

Posted by Ciaran at 5:55am Monday

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