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March 2005 - Archives


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Today's Thoughts

.:::Welcome To Our sports blog debuted February 1st, 2005. Hopefully with your help we can turn this sports blog & gambling blog into your one stop source for hot women, great gambling tips, gossip, sports news, poker, football, more sports and anything else we can think of drumming up here with our unique industry leading perspectives. Please bookmark the site, check back often, and enjoy your stay!!! If you've come looking for a sportsbook review the channels on the left should be all your looking for in a sportsbook. Or Check The Sportsbook Ratings Guide for more answers. Remember Nothing Wagered Is Nothing Gained:::. Model Hurt with thong during photoshoot

A routine advertising photo shoot for online sports betting and poker room giant ended in tears as one model was injured and one thong ruined.

"The photo shoot was going along perfectly," said beautiful blond haired Heather. "But at some point the other model, Brandee, thought it would be a good idea to give me a wedgie. I can still feel that pain today emotionally, and to say that I was shocked, well, you can tell by the reaction in my face. It is a moment that will haunt me for a long time." The two models, dressed as cheerleaders, were posing on top of a poker table surrounded by poker chips as part of an exciting ad campaign by is a growing leader in the world for sports betting, casino and poker action.

"I wanted to spice up the photo shoot a little bit and thought grabbing Heather's thong and giving her a cute wedgie would be fun," said raven haired Brandee. "I think the reaction shot was simply priceless. I don't know what the big deal is, this could be Heather's version of Derek Zoolander's signature 'Blue Steel' look."

"It's not surprising what happened to Heather," said Dr. Neil Adams of the Harbor/UCLA Medical Center who treated Heather for minor bruising and chafing plus some emotional scarring. "With the rise of popular shows such as 'America's Next Top Model', these models are highly competitive and can get caught up in the moment like this." In spite of Heather's traumatic experience during the photo shoot she is proud of the work and vows to continue modeling. In fact, both models are making their appearance in the very first Bodog Girl Calendar as the girl of May and August respectively.

Posted by Dave at 1:10pm Wednesday

Baseball is right around the corner - Big Unit Debuts
Big Unit  

The Big Unit Randy Johnson threw two innings against Atlanta in his first start of the spring, allowing two runs on two hits -- one a two-run homer by Chipper Jones. He walked one and struck out two, throwing 36 pitches, including 22 for strikes. Johnson had no trouble with the left calf muscle that kept him from making his first scheduled start, effectively putting that issue completely behind him. He fed Braves hitters a steady diet of fastballs and sliders, reaching 94 mph on the radar gun once, while mostly staying around 91-92.

"I don't get too wrapped up in what the radar gun says. It's not going to make me try and throw harder," Johnson said. "I don't want to overdo anything this early in Spring Training. This is all about getting out there and repetition, and it's hard to do that when you're not going out there but once every five days."

Posted by Dave - 12:20pm Wednesday

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Eva Mendez - Hitch

Eva Mendez 

How much do we love Eva Mendez here at Enough to put her right here besides me typing this. ( I figure this puts me close to her in some sick twisted way)

Hitch Trailer

Name: Eva Mendes
Height: 5' 7"
Sex: F
Nationality: American
Birth Date: March 5, 1978
Birth Place: Houston, Texas, USA
Profession: actress
Education: Herbert Hoover High School in Glendale, California
California State University in Northridge (majored in Marketing; dropped out to persue a career as an actress)

My Hitch Review - I find movies like Hitch difficult to review. When you have a strong reaction to something, be it positive or negative, the words tend to flow, even if it's not in a coherent manner. You can rant and rave with passion about why you loved or hating a particular film. Hitch falls somewhere in the middle. It certainly isn't good, but it's far from the worst movie I've ever seen. It is remarkably mediocre, almost as if that is exactly, precisely what it strived for. Since you already know exactly how a movie like this will end, the journey is much more important than the destination.

Posted by James - 11:29am Wednesday

2005 NFL free-agency period; 483 free agents

The signing period for unrestricted free agents began March 2 and concludes on July 22 (or the first scheduled day of the first NFL training camp, whichever is later). The signing period for restricted free agents also concludes on April 15.
NFL Free Agency
NFL Free Agency

Only two of our top 5 guys still remaining......

1. Plaxico Burress, WR, Steelers
Plaxico has the size and skills to be a homerun threat for a team that likes to throw deep a lot, unlike the Steelers' "run on first, run on second, run on third offense."

2. Ed Hartwell, ILB, Ravens
Another quality player lost in the shadows of a great teammate (in this case, LB Ray Lewis), Hartwell will not go unnoticed by teams hurting in the front seven.

Tuesday's Big Name Free Agent Signings included Fred Smoot agreeing to terms on a contract with the Minnesota Vikings, sending the top cornerback on the free agent market to a team that has had persistent defensive problems. Smoot had 16 interceptions over five seasons with the Washington Redskins and was selected as an alternate to the Pro Bowl last year.

Safety Robert Griffith agreed to a two-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals on Tuesday, their fourth free-agent acquisition. The team signed offensive tackle Oliver Ross (Steelers) on Friday, quarterback Kurt Warner (Giants) on Sunday and defensive end Chike Okeafor (Seahawks) on Monday.

Linebacker Kendrell Bell, the defensive rookie of the year four years ago, signed a seven-year contract with the defensively troubled Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday. The Steelers signed wide receiver Cedrick Wilson to a four-year, $8-million contract Tuesday, a move that could signal Plaxico Burress' departure from Pittsburgh. Wilson will receive a $2-million signing bonus. Resigning with their former teams included, right guard Stephen Neal with the Pats, and Wide receiver Joey Galloway re-signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Tuesday. Terms were not disclosed. Coverage

Posted by Q - 10:45am Wednesday

The 2005 NFL Draft - Consensus First Round Picks

Derrick Johnson

Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas

Everyday right here you can preview the top picks for this years big college football entry draft into the the big boys league........the NFL of course. Lets get at it. Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas.....Could we see him go #11 to the Dallas Cowboys?

A big play defender, the 6'4", 230 pound Johnson led the Longhorns with 130 tackles, 19 tackles for loss, nine forced fumbles and eight passes defended. With the Cowboys possibly turning to a 3-4 defense this year, Johnson should be a good fit at one of the outside linebacker spots, and he's just too good a player for the Cowboys to pass up.

Top Links

Online Sportsbook Reviews
Authority on Sportsbook Ratings Guides and Scam Sportsbooks alerts.

--- Posted by Q at 9:50am Wednesday

Battle For BigSky - Montana Vs Weber St
NBA LinesClick Here

Weber St.

Weber St (12-15) at Montana (15-12)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 10:00 PM EDT
Montana are 1.5 point favorites. The total for this game has been set at 135.

The Montana Grizzlies and Weber St Wildcats face-off Wednesday night in the final of the Big Sky Conference Tournament, with a trip to the NCAA Tourney on the line.

The last time these two teams clashed on Feb. 3, 2005 the Grizzlies prevailed in an 80-72 victory at home. There was no overnight line for this game due to the hectic tourney schedule. Be sure to check back later in the day for updates and lines. The Wildcats come off a 71-61 win against the Vikings, a game where they were a 7 point underdogs. Larry Krystkowiak's troops were at Montana St against the Bobcats last game and came away with a 79-67 win, where oddsmakers had them as 2.5-point pick.

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Posted by James - 9:10am Wednesday


Parents throw Suite 16 bash errr Orgy I mean


A source told the paper that boys were greeted at the door by two topless girls, including the 15-year-old involved in an earlier oral sex allegation. Two weeks after five Milton Academy hockey players allegedly had oral sex with a 15-year-old girl, some of the same teens went to a birthday party in a Boston hotel room reserved by a parent where they engaged in drinking and sex acts, a source said.
``A Milton Academy student was having a party that coincided with her 16th birthday in a suite of rooms,'' said the source, who knows a half-dozen Milton Academy students who were at the bash.

"It was a free for all . . . Kids were in various stages of undress.''

Full Article here at the

Updated by Dave at 8:55am Wednesday

DUI OF THE DAY - Driver in fatal crash has 2 DUI convictions

In Kansas I hear that the cops set up roadblocks about as much as I go there. Which is NEVER. When they do set them up its on all the radio stations, and they tell anyone who cares exactly where the DUI roadblock will be.

Well this takes us to our JACKASS DUI of the day in Kansas, the state which I believe is just as much to blame as the loser driving the porsche. do you expect to stop drinking and driving if you do nothing as a state to stop it. They probably have the no helmut law there too for motorcyclists. Ya there's a smart one. #1 killer for motorcyclists in America = no helmut. Ok lets just skip that law.

A man whose Porsche struck two vehicles from behind early Sunday, leaving another driver dead and her husband critically injured, has a history of speeding and driving under the influence, court records show. The Porsche driver, Louis Kebert, 44, of Mulvane, has two DUI convictions, in 1996 and 1998, Sedgwick County District Court records show. He also was critically injured in Sunday's crash. According to state records, Kebert had three convictions for speeding from 2002 to 2004. In one instance, he was accused of going 75 mph in a 60-mph zone.

Posted by Gregg at 8:45am Wednesday

Email us some ideas for this page. We're always looking for more articles. [email protected]

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Texas Holdem has quickly become the most popular casino poker game. It is currently the game you will see televised in such events as the World Series of Poker and The World Poker Tour. Though Holdem looks and plays very simply, many experts agree that it is the most complex of poker games. Due to its complexity, the game can be kind or harsh to beginners and grizzled old warriors alike. The action is fast an furious, with more players, bets, raises and re-raises than many other typical poker games. Winners win big, losers lose big. These factors are the essence of what makes Texas Holdem so enjoyable, and therefore the King at the Casino.

Over the next few days the following is intended to be a basic introduction to and strategy for playing Texas Holdem online. For more in depth articles on this topic, check out our other articles in the Archives section, or visit our sister site,

Texas Holdem - Playing the River

The River Card. Showdown. Its time to see who is taking down the chips, and who is drowning in the river. River play is fairly simple. If you have the best hand either by strength of good cards early, or luck of the draw on the river, now is your final chance to get a few more chips from your opponents. Some “classy” players will check here, even though they know they have the top hand, and thus save their opponents a few dollars to put back in their wallet.. Unless its a long time friend, I would advise taking his wallet, emptying it of its contents and then stuffing the wallet down his throat. There are winners and there are losers in poker. If you are looking for “courtesy play”, then play with family. The world of poker is like Jack London's icy wastelands where only the strong survive.

The only real advice I can give on river play is to almost never fold. If you have been playing good cards up to this point in the hand, then you at least have a shot at holding the winning cards. By now the pot is large enough that it also makes good money sense to stay in. Unless you did not complete a pure draw hand, call any bets. Don't get the reputation as someone who can be bluffed off the river. If this happens, you'll just face more and more bluff bets on the river. On the other hand, if you get the reputation as someone who can't be bluffed, then noone in their right mind will attempt it. The only other times I consider folding is when an extremely conservative player who never bluffs has been calling towards a draw hand the entire hand, and now it looks like he has hit his card. Or when there are two or more players who starting betting and raising on the river, you can be sure that at least one of them holds the goods. You can make a case for folding here. Pot odds dictate that you bet or call on the river, unless you are practically positive you are beat.

Conclusion - If you have read through this entire strategy section (Look at last 5 days of our archives) on Texas Holdem, from Pocket Cards to River, and you apply it to your game, you will see success in Holdem, and especially in low limt, online Holdem. However, there is so much more strategy than can be written down in a few cyber pages on this poker site! Texas Holdem is such a complex game that there are literally hundreds of different methods and strategies that can be successful. My advice to any reader would be to invest a few dollars into at least one good Texas Holdem book, written by such masters as Phil Helmuth (Play Poker Like the Pros) and Andy Nelson (Poker: A Winners Guide). The professional men and women of poker have years of experience and winnings under their belt. Continue to study the game and your chip stack will climb ever higher. - Online Poker Room Reviews - Rankings and Ratings on over 50 online poker rooms.

Posted by Ciaran at 8:25am Wednesday

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Vikings' Tice target of Super Bowl scalping probe


OK here is the deal. If you don't pay me enough, I'm going to have to sell my superbowl tix for 50k each ok?

Minnesota head coach Mike Tice is being investigated by the NFL for allegedly heading up and profiting from a Super Bowl ticket-scalping operation within the Vikings organization, a violation of NFL rules that league sources say has been going on for years.

Two investigators from the league's security staff, Larry Sweeney and John Keenan, were in the Twin Cities on Tuesday, questioning Tice in his office and speaking with Vikings running backs coach Dean Dalton, as well as other club personnel. The pair left the team complex in the afternoon to meet with the team's director of ticket sales, Phil Huebner, at the Metrodome, where Minnesota's ticket operations are headquartered. The league requires all players, coaches, and club personnel who buy Super Bowl tickets to sign a release stating they will not re-sell them at a profit. ABCNewsWire

Posted by Ciaran at 7:38am Wednesday

The Ultimate Hottie Search --- WOW


We're searching for the world's most beautiful woman. Will she show up here? Send us your photos maybe it'll show up here. Bikini shots only please no PORN. Thanks. Today's pic sent in by "Rico" from Grand Rapids MI.

Posted by Jim at 7:32 Wednesday --- Email Us Your Pics

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