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Hottie Of The Day Contest


We're searching for the world's most beautiful woman. Will she show up here? Send us your photos maybe it'll show up here. Bikini shots only please no PORN. Thanks.

Posted by Jim Monday at 10:30pm--- Email Your Pics

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Smelly Bowling Balls?

I've never really been a fan of bowling, and here's a couple reasons. 1. I'm not a fan of smokey places 2. I hate putting on those shoes 3. I hate to watch bowling on TV, so why the hell would I want to play it?? Well now there is this story which is really begging at me to come back to the sport that I miss so much. NOT !!!

Odors associated with bowling traditionally include smelly feet, cigarette smoke and beer. But what about grape, amaretto and cherry? One bowling ball manufacturer — Storm Products Inc. — is putting fruit and other popular scents into its mid- to high-end bowling balls, resulting in a steady increase in sales. More than half the bowlers on the Professional Bowlers Association tour last year used them, including four-time PBA champion Ryan Shafer. Oh ok?? So because the PRO bowlers do it, means I have to as well now?? LMAO!! Here's the full story. Yahoo Strange News

Need something to do in the midst of all this bowling entertainment? How about placing a bet on this weeks Nascar race?? Nascar Betting Lines <<--- Click

--- Posted by Ray at 9:45pm Monday

The 2005 NFL Draft - Consensus First Round Picks

Jammal Brown Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma

Everyday right here you can preview the top picks for this years big college football entry draft into the the big boys league........the NFL of course. Lets get at it. Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma.....Could we see him go #14 to the Panthers?

When the Panthers shifted Jordan Gross from right to left tackle before last season, they left a hole that could not be adequately filled. Enter Brown, the 6'6", 313-pounder was an overpowering blocker in the college game, and should get the Panthers' O-line back on track.

Top Links

Online Sportsbook Reviews
Authority on Sportsbook Ratings Guides and Scam Sportsbooks alerts.

--- Posted by Q at 12:45pm Monday


Daily DUI
Man falls out of moving car, cited for DUI is indeed the headline. A Bullhead City man who police say fell out of his vehicle has been cited for DUI, DUI over .08 percent, extreme DUI and charged with felony criminal damage as the result of an incident Saturday night. At about 7:45 p.m., Carl Hettish, 49, pulled out of the Fastrip Food Store in the 2100 block of Highway 95 and fell out of his vehicle onto the highway as he made a right hand turn, according to a police report.

"He claims the vehicle had been involved in a previous accident and that the driver's door did not close properly," said Bullhead City Police Department's public information officer Carrie Conner. Way to go Carl. Article

Posted by Gregg Monday at 12:26pm

Fred Smoot Taking Mom To Sizzler?

Heard this one on the radio this morning. You guys all know the story, parents sacrafice everything they have so that their kid can make it in athletics, and then when he does kid hooks up the parent right? Buys them houses, retires them, buys them boats, vacations, just plain hooks them up. Well Fred Smoot's "I'm taking My mom to Sizzlers" blast is still cracking me up. Don't you wanna rethink that one Fred? I mean was Applebees all booked up? How about Olive Garden? Couldn't you at least get into IHOP? Oh man too funny. Sizzlers? Are you going to fill her up on all you can eat shrimp? I've got news for you Fred if I have a 10.8 million dollar signing bonus I'm pretty sure I'd splurge for a little better don't you?

IN Game Betting

Fred Smoot, whom the Vikings signed away from the Washington Redskins on Wednesday, was second on Minnesota's defensive back wish list entering the free-agent period. Top-ranked was Oakland's Charles Woodson, who subsequently was designated a franchise player and therefore untouchable for free agency. As soon as Oakland tagged Woodson, the Vikings moved to Smoot. Had they not signed Smoot, they would have pursued Seattle's Ken Lucas, who accepted a free-agent deal from the Carolina Panthers. Minnesota's pursuit of Smoot, 25, was not a last-minute decision.

When establishing offseason priorities, the Vikings figured they would make a serious run at the 6-foot, 183-pound cornerback if Woodson was unavailable. Smoot's $10.8 million signing bonus will be deferred over three years, but he said that doesn't matter. "It's still guaranteed, so that's OK," he said.

Have fun at Sizzler Fred!!!! Don't spend it all in one place.

Posted by Jim Monday at 11:59am

Report: McGwire linked to 'roids in '90s

What I want to know is when are we going to hear from McGwire on this whole scandalous baseball drugs story. Every minute McGwire is silent on this issue is a minute that makes me think he's guilty. You need to speak up Mark, you need to fire lawsuits at these guys. If you're so innocent then come out guns ablazing and defend yourself. Don't be silent like LaRussa saying "I believe in Mark!!!" Defend yourself, and your name, and if you have nothing to hide show up in congress and defend yourself. America's pasttime is in serious trouble, this actually makes hockey look good now doesn't it? At least there are no steroids in hockey. Nascar is really laughing at this right now too.

Mark McGwire's name was mentioned several times during a federal steroids investigation in the early 1990s, but he was not the target of the probe nor was any evidence collected against him, the Daily News reported Sunday. McGwire, Jose Canseco and five current players along with four baseball executives were subpoenaed to testify at a congressional hearing on steroids Thursday. The commissioner's office has said it will fight the subpoenas. Canseco says he will testify and has asked for immunity so he can answer all questions. McGwire and some of the other players haven't said whether they'll show in Washington, though the committee has said those refusing to testify would be held in contempt of Congress.

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Posted by Ray Monday at 11:44am

Celebrity Poker Bluff

Poker With Drew Is this poker face hiding a bluff?

Can you Bust the Bluff? According to many experts, poker is all about reading your opponents' expressions and actions, while revealing nothing in your own demeanor. With thousands of dollars on the line, this skill can come in handy! Here's your chance to practice reading poker faces. You'll be presented with a series of photos and information on the player's choices during a hand of poker. See if you can tell who's bluffing and who's not.

1) Drew Carey is your first opponent. Click Here - Online Poker Room Reviews - Rankings and Ratings on over 50 online poker rooms.

March Poker

Posted by Gregg Monday at 11:00am

The Madness - Is It In You?

If the process of seeding the top teams is any indication, this could be one big buzzer-beater of an NCAA tournament. March Madness...keeps us going till the NFL Draft.

Win the Contest of Contests


March Madness On

Biggest snub: Buffalo. One point away from securing the Mid-American Conference's automatic bid, the Bulls were left out of the NCAA tournament despite finishing 8-2 in their last 10 games and not losing a single contest to any team with an RPI below 110. Led by MAC player of the year Turner Battle, Reggie Witherspoon's squad notched one more victory against an RPI top 50 club than the "last team in," UAB. With an RPI of 46 and playing their best basketball in the weeks preceding March Madness, the Bulls deserved to go dancing. More on the college basketball tournament here at

Bet on March Madness with any of the top online sportsbooks that we promote.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Posted by Q Monday at 10:00am

Good Ole Dwight Gooden At It Again
Dwight Gooden was arrested early Sunday for allegedly punching his ex-wife in the face, police said. The former All-Star pitcher was charged with domestic violence battery and was being held without bond at Hillsborough County Jail. Jail officials said Gooden, a special assistant for the New York Yankees, was scheduled to make his first court appearance today. Daily MLB Lines Here.

He was arrested by Tampa police at 12:44 a.m., according to jail records. Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said the dispute occurred at the home of Monique Moore, Gooden's ex-wife. Dwight Gooden can be released without bail on charges that he punched his ex-wife in the face, but must stay away from the woman, a judge ruled Monday.

Posted by Gregg Monday at 8:55am

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