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One Great announcement

It should be any day now when the Great One Wayne Gretzky once again takes over the helm of Canada's national team.

Hockey Canada
According to the Globe and Mail, Hockey Canada is expected to make the announcement tomorrow or Thursday, with Gretzky naming his management team shortly after. The announcemt was hoped to be made two weeks ago but was delayed after it was revealed Gretzky's mother, Phyllis, is undergoing chemotherapy treatments in her battle against lung cancer. Gretzky is expected to have Edmonton Oilers general manager Kevin Lowe and Vancouver Canucks vice-president Steve Tambellini join him on Canada's management team. Gretzky, 44, will be heavily involved in player selection, but once training camp opens in mid-April, the door will be open for him step back and attend to his family before departing for the tournament, which will begin on April 30. Globe and Mail

Posted by Ray Tuesday at 11:42pm

MarK Cuban's Weblog

Mark Cubans Weblog

Well now there's a lot of people around North America that just don't like the guy, but I'm one of the people that thinks hes awesome. The guy has gone form a networth of $500 to you don't wanna know. I was surfin away today and stumbled upon Mark Cuban's Weblog. In it he talks about wanting to start up a gambling based hedge fund. What's this you ask? Its an investment fund that makes money by gambling - maybe even betting on sports. The idea would be to "prove that traditional gambling, via a fund, is less of a gamble than investing in the stock market," Cuban said Tuesday by e-mail.

However, this hedge fund won’t invest in stocks or bonds, or any type of business. It’s going to be a fund that only places bets. A gambling hedge fund. It won’t be Cuban figuring out what bets to place, or what games to play. This is a fund. He will find the best and the brightest, with a confirmable track record and hire them. Maybe he'll grab the guys who are handicapping specialists from ??

It’s an idea whose time has come. Cubans Weblog - Click Here

Posted by Dave Tuesday at 11:12pm

Gibbs interested in Courtney Brown?

Its being reported out of Washington that Joe Gibbs and offensive line coach Greg Blache are very interested in recently-released defensive lineman Courtney Brown, according to the Associated Press. The two flew from Washington to Cleveland and had dinner with Brown and his wife on Monday. Here is the full list of updated NFL rumors flying around cyberspace today.

Posted by Q Tuesday at 6:12pm

How Do You Get Out Of A Batting Slump?

So lets say your a major leaguer. You've been in a hitting slump, and there is nothing working for you to get out of it. Would you try a) More batting cage time? b) Therapy? c) A stint in the minors? d) Calling up Barry BigHead Bonds? e) All of the above? OR f) NAKED BATTING PRACTICE?

After a team meeting, in a somber, sleepy clubhouse the morning of an early afternoon game, Mike Redmond headed for the indoor batting cages with his bat, wearing nothing but turf shoes, socks and batting gloves.

Twins infielder Andy Fox, a Marlins teammate then, looked up in disbelief as Redmond headed for the clubhouse door that opened into the cages. "Are you serious?" Fox asked. "Yeah." And the door shut behind him. Read The Rest Of the story here at

Posted by Jim Tuesday at 5:40pm

Dime LinesWhat? Where?

FCC decided to pull their head out of their A$$

Sure, the steamy introduction to ABC's "Monday Night Football" was titillating, showing the bare back of "Desperate Housewives" actress Nicollette Sheridan as she jumped into the arms of football player Terrell Owens but, Federal regulators ruled Monday there was nothing indecent about the steamy introductory segment to ABC's "Monday Night Football". The segment that aired last November showed Sheridan in a locker room wearing only a towel and provocatively asking the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver to skip the game for her. She then dropped the towel and leaped into Owens' arms. Despite the uproar, the FCC found nothing indecent about the segment. Only Sheridan's upper back was exposed and no foul language was used -- in fact, the scene was no racier than what's routinely seen on soap operas.

Owens & Sheridan
But ABC said it received complaints from viewers who thought it was inappropriate. What I want to know is who are these people complaining about that?

Give me a freaking break here people. I've got my $ on it being those rednecks down south who walk around town with a bible all day long. That by the way is just my .02c. Oh and this opionion does not speak for the rest of the staff onboard here. (They made me type that)

Posted by Gregg Tuesday at 4:30pm

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