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March Madness

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Posted by Gregg at 11:00pm Wednesday

Whoa Orlando - Are you taking your mom to Sizzler?
The St. Louis Rams reached a seven-year, $52.8 million deal with franchise left tackle Orlando Pace Wednesday that ended three years of efforts to get him to agree to the long-term contract. Included in the deal is a $15 million signing bonus. By agreeing to the contract Wednesday, the Rams will be able to use the franchise tag on future players instead of losing it for the next seven years, the length of Pace's contract.

The Rams and Pace's agent, Kennard McGuire, exchanged proposals and counter proposals Tuesday afternoon and evening and narrowed the gap enough that Pace went on a radio station and said he was optimistic a deal could be struck with the Rams. That did not sit too well with the Houston Texans, who were willing to give Pace the second-best left tackle contract in the NFL if they could work out a trade with the Rams. The seven-year, $52.8 million contract is slightly more than Seattle Seahawks left tackle Walter Jones earns. The payout is $22 million in the first two years and $26 million in the first three years. So what I want to know Orlando is where are you taking your mom for dinner with all that Green? Just don't tell me sizzler and we'll be ok!!??

Posted by Ray at 10:40pm Wednesday

Daily DUI - Former Giants, A’s star arrested on DUI charge
Good to see yet another athlete making it in here on the DUI of the day. It was beginning to be all law enforcement for a bit there. But not now, now its former major league and Former Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants star Vida Blue who was arrested for investigation of driving under the influence following a minor traffic accident.

Blue, the 1971 American League MVP and Cy Young winner, was arrested early Sunday after officers called to the accident scene noticed he was impaired, Scottsdale police Sgt. Mark Clark said Tuesday. The 55-year-old Blue was booked for investigation of DUI and released several hours later. The results of the blood alcohol test were not available Tuesday. No one was injured in the accident, Clark said.

Posted by Dave at 10:20pm Wednesday

Canseco denied immunity in congressional steroid hearing

Why is it that the guy that rats out everyone else in his book is asking for immunity. Wait a sec here. Its ok to write your book and rat everyone out? But you want immunity? Ridiculous Jose. Pathetic actually. We all know this is going to be a freak show tomorrow right? "I plead the 5th" I plead the 5th" Is all we're going to hear.
Also in the news Mark McGwire plans to comply with a subpoena and attend Thursday's congressional hearing into steroid use in baseball, The Associated Press has learned. McGwire's decision was revealed Wednesday by a representative of the former Oakland and St. Louis slugger who spoke on condition of anonymity. Jose Canseco, McGwire's former Oakland teammate, was denied immunity by the House Government Reform committee, and his lawyer said the former AL MVP will not be able to answer questions that would incriminate him.

Canseco's lawyer, Robert Saunooke, said he was informed of the decision Wednesday by Jennifer Safavian, a lawyer for the committee.

Neteller Limited Time Offer What? Where?

Posted by Dave at 1:10pm Wednesday

Poker Tips For Newbies

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Anywhere from two to thirteen players seek to make the highest possible five-card hand from the cards made available to them by the particular form of poker they are playing. More players are theoretically possible, but impractical. In seven card stud games the maximum number of players is eight. In Omaha games the maximum number of players is ten. In Texas Hold'em the maximum number of players is thirteen, although in Reno there used to be a fourteen-handed game spread. In Draw and Lowball the maximum number of players is nine, although eight is a preferred maximum because when you play nine-handed you constantly run out of cards and the discards have to be re-shuffled and dealt for the draw. - Online Poker Room Reviews - Rankings and Ratings on over 50 online poker rooms.

Posted by Ciaran at 12:55pm Wednesday

The 2005 NFL Draft - Consensus First Round Picks

Justin Miller Justin Miller, CB, Clemson

Everyday right here you can preview the top picks for this years big college football entry draft into the the big boys league........the NFL of course. Lets get at it. Justin Miller, CB, Clemson.....Could we see him go #15 to the Chiefs?

A 5'11", 200-pound dynamic playmaker, Miller had three interceptions and nine pass breakups as a junior, while also impressing with a 13.1 yards per punt return. With the Chiefs' defense a virtual laughingstock, they should be doing anything and everything they can to add difference makers on that side of the ball.

Top Links

Online Sportsbook Reviews
Authority on Sportsbook Ratings Guides and Scam Sportsbooks alerts.

--- Posted by Jim at 12:45pm Wednesday


World Figure Skating Championships

Now why the heck would we go and put some figure skating post on this site? Let me tell you. The figure skaters are HOT ok? I have no problem at all looking at figure skating for about 10 - 20 minutes if there is nothing else to watch on tv. Do you have a problem with that? Besides the russian girls are at home this time. As the The World Figure Skating Championships have opened in Moscow. Maybe you can bet on them here at
figure skating

Russia is hosting the event for the first time since 1903. Russian President Vladimir Putin assisted at the official opening ceremony Sunday at Moscow's Luzhniki Sports Palace. During the six days of competition, Russians are favored to win all four events. Yevgeny Plushenko is the defending men's champion. He opens his bid for a fourth world title in Monday's men's qualifiers.

Later, two-time world pairs champions Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo of China will bid to reclaim their title from Russians Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin. Skaters will have to contend with the sport's new scoring system, being used for the first time at the competition.

The event features 187 participants representing 45 nations. What you don't care? Ok ok here is a picture for ya.

Posted by Dave Wednesday at 12:10pm

This St. Patrick's Day, choose quality over quantity

Why is it that Americans love pouring green food coloring into pathetic tasting beer like Budwesier or coors light? That is absolutly disgusting isn't it? I can see putting some in Guinness, but would not want to I must say. More on the tradition of St. Patty's Day here at

"Beer plays a big role — a defining role — in how we celebrate St. Patrick's Day." Check out GUINNESS.COM its "BRILLIANT"

In an article dated August 11, 1999, we confirmed that Czechs are tops when it comes to downing more than a few brews. The article, "German beer sales continue slide," states: "German beer consumption has declined steadily in recent years. Still per capita consumption is 127 liters, with only Czech beer drinkers consuming more." Cheers to the Czechs!

Posted by Dave Wednesday at 11:22am

Hottie Of The Day Contest


We're searching for the world's most beautiful woman. Will she show up here? Send us your photos maybe it'll show up here. Bikini shots only please no PORN. Thanks.

Posted by Jim Monday at 10:30am--- Email Your Pics




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