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Wager On Football Terms Of Service

Cyber Sports Blog Staff

Quin Smyth – Senior Editor
David Bachman – Fantasy Football Editor
Ray Monohan – Reviews
James Johnson – Stats
Ciaran McDermott – Handicapper

Gregg Davis - DUI of the Day

Our Mission: Be The #1 Football Sportsbook & Gambling Review BLOG Site

About our advertising solutions.

Our sponsors are fast and reliable.

The first thing you need to know about is that we don't accept advertising from just anyone. in partnership with Wager on has maintained a respected voice on the Internet since 1998. The respect of the online gambling community is difficult to earn... and very easy to lose. Our reputation is our most valuable asset, and we refuse to risk it by aligning ourselves with companies whose credentials or reputation are anything but the highest.

To protect ourselves and our users we have developed strict standards for our advertisers. All of our potential sponsors are interviewed to determine that they meet the quality and standards that are consistent with our company. While we do not consider ourselves "watchdogs" of the industry — we are not a regulatory body and cannot guarantee the performance of any sportsbook — we do pay close attention to events taking place within the sportbook industry. We monitor posting forums, do our best to investigate rumours, and take our users' concerns seriously. Most importantly, we build and maintain close contacts with each advertiser so that potential problems can be addressed or avoided altogether. If we don't feel confident recommending a given sportsbook to our users, we stop displaying their ads immediately and remove them from our Top Sportsbook List.

All this being said, the final choice of a sportsbook is up to you. All of the sportbooks on our list are efficient and reliable — bottom line, they pay and pay promptly — but each has its own unique wagering opportunities, transaction methods, and betting limits, and your own preferences will determine which you feel most comfortable with.

In order to determine which sportsbook is right for you, we suggest you understand the rules and regulations of each company you are considering. Some books cater more to the recreational player and offer great bonuses, while some like to cater to the "sharps" and have higher limits with fewer bonuses. Please make sure you are comfortable with the rules and regulations outlined by each sportsbook. We will emphasize: PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE SPORTSBOOK'S RULES AND REGULATIONS before opening an account.

We also suggest calling the toll-free number of the sportsbook and asking to speak with the manager. Ask how long they have been in business, question their policies, and really aim to get a good comfort level with them. You should hang up the phone feeling very positive about that person and their company.

For more tips on what to watch for, see How to Choose a Sportsbook and other articles in the education section of our partner site. It' like going to Gambling 101.

If you have a problem with any of our advertisers and need help getting it resolved, please e-mail us and we will immediately look into the situation for you. While we cannot guarantee the performance of any sportsbook, we do believe that if you choose to play with our sponsors, problems will be minimal.

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At we are proud of our online wagering and sports betting lines. We promote secure and reliable sport gambling including wagering on the NFL, CFL, AFL, NFLEurope, the NBA, formula 1, NASCAR, major league baseball and much more. WE are not just a football website. and our sponsors have made wagering over the Internet simple. Their proprietary software has eliminated the need to purchase expensive gambling software or download potentially unreliable programs. You don’t even need to pick up the phone to place a wager with any of our top sport books. Everything can be found at any of our websites. (US and Our Sponsors) Plus the technology our sponsors use allows secure transactions and communication to take place over the World Wide Web.


Yours Truly, The Staff of


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