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The Mens Channel - Dating & Love

Guys Blog - Sexual Enhancement - Attract Women - Penis Products - Male Gossip

DVD's, Male Products, dating rooms


Natural Products For Men For Love & Sex


The products we promote on this page are products that appear in full-page ads in top-end men's magazines for sexual enhancement, such as Maxim and Stuff. This means credibility and recognition of these products. Click any of the links below to go DIRECTLY to the companies website to learn more about whichever product you like.


Attract Women Now Author David Rawlings Stops By:


Hello !! My name is David Rawlings and let me tell you why I can help you get the kind of woman you always wanted. You see, in March of 1996, I decided I was tired of rejection, sick of seeing HOT women in the arms of less-than-attractive men, going out and coming home empty handed and spending night after night totally alone. I decided to take action and learn everything I could about attracting women. I bought books, listened to audio tapes, and attended every relationship, “pick-up” and seduction training seminar I could. I hung out with, watched and learned from guys that were bedding HOT women every time they went out.

I was doing OK, but somehow I felt that I should be doing one hell of a lot better than I was having all the information that I did. Than one day while I was sitting in a coffee shop, the light bulb finally turned on and I said to myself “You dummy, with all your Human Resources experience, why are you not applying it to what you already know?” I drove home very excited and started organizing those reams of information into a system. You see, what was happening was with all that information floating around in my head, many times I was putting the cart before the horse, sometimes saying the right thing at the wrong time or vise versa, or many times hesitating while I was trying to think of all those lines I was suppose to memorize, really making myself look like an ass. I discarded all the fluff, took what I knew really worked from all of my and other peoples experiences, intergraded it with my many years of HR experience and organized these secrets and techniques into a simple, foolproof, easy to learn system.

Well, I’ve got to tell you that there was almost instant success. I had increased my effective use of all that knowledge many times over. I tweaked it a little here and there, and before long my buddies were bugging me about my super success with women. I would have normally kept my secrets to myself (I mean, why shoot yourself in the foot?), but I really wanted to know if it was me or could anyone do it. I took my notes and expanded them, added more detail and gave it to them. Before I knew it, my friends had all turned into “Chick Magnets” It was amazingly effective and I found that it virtually guarantees success. Keep in mind, my friends are average looking guys. Most of them live in apartments and earn average incomes. In fact, my friend Craig is bald, overweight, and drives a six-year old Hyundai, It really doesn’t matter! If Knowledge is Power, then this is my # 1 Power Tool. This is the Same Cutting Edge Techniques and Secrets I've Used To Go From Being A “Loser” With The Ladies To being Surrounded By Beautiful Women just about all the time, Everywhere I Go - Without Wasting Lots of Money and Time on Dead-End Dates That Go Nowhere!

It does not matter if you're not physically attractive, bald, smart or poor. It does not matter what age you are -- It does not matter if you have a low-paying job! Women are not like men! They look past the obvious crap, right into our souls! Are you ready to meet the beautiful women who will appreciate you for who you are? Great! I will show you how. This system is based on who you are and the experiences you've been through. You will not have to lie about yourself or memorize scripted lines. With my groundbreaking guide you will discover how to approach women you once thought were out of your league. With all this success, I decided to publish my manual on the Internet, and the rest is history. Nothing has been withheld. I've taken years of field tested, proven, cutting edge secrets and Breakthrough methods and jam-packed them into an informative online manual called....

Attract Women Now!
How To Approach,
Talk To, Date And Bed Women...

Even if you all are already sort of successful with women, like I was, but you want more or “Higher Quality and Beauty” and don't want to spend a lot of money or take years to figure it out, or maybe you're a successful professional who doesn't have time to play games and you would like that special edge over your colleagues when you go out socializing, you will greatly benefit from this knowledge. This is a simple, easy to use system for being amazingly effective and successful with women. This is not only about sex, but building quality relationships. You might say, Dating beautiful women -- made easy!


Lots of secrets and techniques here but no deceptive pickup lines or bad boy crap that tries to make you into someone you are not. We show you how to get more women with who you are and/or who you could be. This system works for everyone, it is a master's degree program in learning how to approach, talk to, date, and seduce women. The Gigantic Bonus is that once you learn these secrets with women you can use them in everyday life. Possibly a job promotion or even a better job, more and better friends, etc., that will bring more happiness into your life in general. We will give you the key to confidence to do the things you never thought possible.

Most claim you're going to be a super stud in one day and get laid tonight. If you are gullible enough to believe that kind of BS, there is a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.

1 Lifetime Subscription to
only $39.95
Attract Women Now™ Order Page



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